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Towards all the college’s students, ACIT makes a focused and determined effort to provide the skills, attitudes, and knowledge they need to be successful in the globally interdependent community that we live and work in.

Litia Ipu

Advanced Diploma of Telecommunication Network Engineering Student – Fiji

Why did you choose to come to the Gold Coast?

“One of the reasons why came to the gold coast was the beaches and the lifestyle, the second reason was I wanted to do IT and the other colleges did not have the subjects I wanted to do.”

As a female wanting to study Network Engineering are you worried about being a male dominated industry?

“As a woman I did not want to do IT because of being a women thinking, women don’t do IT but in the end I really wanted IT engineering and I wanted to do it a lot because of the opportunities in IT are available. “

How do find it studying at Australian College of IT?

“Excellent, the Gold Coast being the main Hub of IT will provide me with excellent employment opportunities.”

After you finish the course what will you want to do, for example go back home to Fiji?

“I think I want to stay in Australia and get work my number one dream job in IT Network Engineering maybe in the Military or Air force. I have done a lot of research and I can do IT here in Australia.”

Brett Overend

RAAF Flight Sergeant (Retired) - Australian Defence Forces Resettlement Program

“I would like to provide feedback stating that the ACIT online course structure is very good and as a distance student, I am very happy with the structure and a plan of what to attempt and achieve.”

“I thank ACIT for being very flexible during my extended recovery period.”

Jatinder Kaur

Advanced Diploma of Telecommunication Network Engineering Student – India

Hello Jatinder so you are from India?


Which Part of India?

Punjab, which is in the northern part of India

Which part of Punjab are you from?


How did you find the Australian College of Information Technology and decide to come to the Gold Coast?

My uncle came to the Gold Coast about a year ago and consulted with me the location. I went and spoke to an agent and mentioned this college. I went to the website and liked what I saw on it.

Being your first time to the Gold Coast what did you find interesting?

Great people, great beaches and lifestyle and it’s a really nice city

You were saying earlier before the interview you were interested in Bollywood. What interested you about it?

Internship programs. Bollywood is a stepping stone to Hollywood. I really like film and television.

You are currently studying the telecommunications course, how is it going so far?

Fairly easy. Teachers help out a lot with the lectures so it’s been very good.

Vera Pereira

ACIT Graphic Design (Pre-Press) Student – Brazil

“My name is Vera Pereira I´m from Brazil. I’m doing the Graphic Design (PrePress) course and currently about to finish my 1st year – Certificate III at the Australian College of Information technology. I’m learning a lot of different and interesting things in Graphic Design, the trainers are always making classes interesting and the access to resources is immense. The ACIT Student Services division provided me with the opportunity to get my foot in the door with Work Experience and I have gained many valuable new skills being able to put my college studies into practice at a site such as Kwik Kopy when doing Work Experience. The Student Services workshops have helped me a lot especially, to find a site to do the Work Experience. I would strongly recommend this program to all students, international and local and I am looking forward to enhancing more new skills in the future!”

Darren Price

Program Manager, Ericsson Global Services, China, Japan.

“After I completed my studies at ACIT in February 2005, I was fortunate to secure a position at Ericsson China. As I was holding a diploma in network engineering I was placed at the test environments in Beijing, where I worked as a support engineer on 3G wideband WCDMA networks. Within the year I was the lead engineer responsible for the test environments network. This position gave me the responsibility of the core networks and to make functional improvements of the day to day running of the network operations. As my role developed, I was invited to join the local network planning council where I helped to optimize efficient use of test environment assets within the Asia region by evaluating the capacity of test networks available and helping to drive efficient operations of these networks. Faced with many service delivery problems I was appointed as service delivery manager to resolve delivery issues after the department received strong customer requests for increased service. I developed a weekly action point forum and cleared the customers most significant headaches relating to invoicing, delivery and investment issues. Together with the customer I helped to developed delivery strategies then conveyed this information back to the departments to ensure secure delivery of services. It was a very good time that enhanced inter-departmental relationships. Around this time Ericsson acquired Marconi and I was placed as project manager for the Marconi acquisition project in Beijing. The project planned and executed the move of the entire Marconi operations from the original Marconi building into an Ericsson building and was successful in securing the maximum return on investment. Many of the projects improvement suggestions proved to be significant enablers for savings in cost and time.

In the October of 2007, I was interviewed by global services in Sweden, and was appointed a senior level management role sustaining as a primary contact delivery manager for mass network deployment in Asia Pacific. The role spanned across five market units comprising of nineteen countries and was tasked with the delivery of high competence resources to the each of the Market Units. As a member of the management team, this was by far the largest role I have ever held. During the first year the unit developed first forecasting tools with an 87% forecasting accuracy. The unit forecasts resource needs of the delivery organizations so that sufficient resources can be prepared in order to deliver the projects on time and successfully. During the year I concentrated hard on professional competence development and utilized all available training programs. I also completed GRID leadership training, line management training and project management training. I also received a certificate in leading complex projects from George Washington University.

After holding the delivery management role for a little over a year, I was offered a long term assignment at Yokohama in Japan, where I currently hold the position of Program Manager. I will remain in Japan for the next two years before returning to my home organization at global services in Beijing.”

Many ACIT graduates have obtained employer sponsored visas and (or) permanent residency through skilled migration.

For more information, refer to our [Visa and Migration Consultancy] page.

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