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Work Experience and Placement Services


Australia maintains a strong economy and offers good job opportunities for international students. It is a fact that employers want qualified graduates with experience, portfolios & industry exposure. The best jobs however, require a good command of the English language.

The Australian College of Information Technology and Institute of Film and Television is aware of all these factors, and through many years of working with employers and forging relationships, ACIT & IFTV Student Services has formulated a unique program that incorporates employers, potential employers and students with on the job training during the course of their studies.


ACIT & IFTV maintains high placement standards to consistently assist graduates in locating career opportunities. The Student Services Department works hard to ensure that each graduate has the best opportunities to acquire suitable employment.

We present graduates as professionals to employers, having aided their development of a positive self-image through assessing competencies, strengths, and career expectations.

The Student Services Department provides individual assistance to all students and graduates at no additional cost.

Although the college does not guarantee employment in the students’ career field, it is the goal of the Student Services Office to help every student achieve a high degree of personal and professional development and successful employment.

Many ACIT graduates have obtained employer sponsored visas and (or) permanent residency through skilled migration. Read more in our testimonial page.

ACIT & IFTV has a variety of pre-developed programs such as the Work Experience Program, Work Placement Solutions, Resume workshops, Accommodation Help as well as ‘Welcome to Australia’ communication workshops.

Current part-time and full-time employment opportunities are available through Student Services. Specific information on job opportunities and basic criteria applicable to all students and graduates utilizing placement services is available in the Student Services Office.

The Student Services Department also coordinates and hosts a number of different career-related workshops. Participation in these seminars is voluntary, but students are encouraged to attend as many of these sessions as possible. Topics covered include Resume Preparation, Interviewing Skills, Dressing for an Interview, and Keeping Your Job!

With this commitment, ACIT & IFTV is instrumental in supporting your job opportunities in Australia.

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