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Trainee recruitment service

Trainee recruitment service

Recruiting the right people in any organisation is essential and challenging. Fortunately, the Australian College of Information Technology (ACIT) and The Institute of File and Television (IFTV) has over 20 years of experience in maintaining a recruitment platform dedicated to sourcing qualified talent for every organisation.

This trainee ship system provides employers with a great opportunity to reduce hiring costs as well as grow their business. The system allows companies to access Government funding and a low training wage that provides affordable options to acquire and train new staff.

The ACIT & IFTV team of experienced professionals are ready to assist in sourcing the right people every time. This service is offered free of charge to organisations that choose ACIT & IFTV as their training provider.

How to get started

1. Download and complete the IT Recruitment Services Request Form

Please include your contact details and indicate the type and number of trainees you require. You may request as many recruits as your organisation is capable of managing.

2. ACIT & IFTV will recruit and screen candidates for traineeship eligibility based on your criteria and their suitability for the role.

3. A shortlist of candidates will be emailed to your organisation.

4. Your organisation can then select the candidates to interview or request additional recruits if needed.

5. Once candidates have cleared interview processes and have been selected for employment, ACIT & IFTV will convene a meeting of all the parties required to initiate the traineeship. This is usually arranged at the organisation’s premises.

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