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Personal Information Policy

1. The purpose of this policy is to regulate the collection, management, use and disclosure
of personal information to maintain and protect the privacy of student details in
accordance with the Qld Freedom of Information Act 1992 / Privacy Act 1988. This policy
reflects the Australian College of Information Technology’s (the College) commitment to
building a culture of integrity, equity and social justice as an integral part of its mission.

2. This Policy will include:
a. The purpose of collecting personal information
b. Consent to collect and use personal information
c. Record keeping
d. Access to personal information
e. Grievance procedures for breaches of personal information


1) For the purpose of this policy:

a. Personal Information refers to information captured in writing, electronically and/or
verbally that would allow an individual to be identified. Examples of personal identifiers are
name, date of birth, physical characteristics, prior academic credentials, physical and postal

b. Student means a person enrolled in a course offered by the College and/or the parent or legal
guardian of such a person under 18 years old.



1) Purpose of collecting personal information

    Personal information collected is directly related and required for the purpose which the
information is being obtained. The college will only make personal information available as is
required or authorised by or under law.

2) Consent to collect and use personal information

   Students must give informed consent to their information being provided to the Australian
government and for use in statistical reporting to external parties. The College may also make
information available to organisations that have articulation or professional developmental
agreements if it deems providing the information will be beneficial to the student. The information
may be disclosed to parties such as, but not limited to, the ATO, DEEWR, and other education providers.

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