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Equity and diversity

Equity and diversity

ACIT & IFTV values the diversity of its community, and is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunity and treatment for students throughout their learning experience.

In particular, we are committed to creating a positive learning environment for students that promotes equality, is free from discrimination and harassment, and is supportive of the specific needs of individuals.

  • We will provide equal access to all prospective students during the admissions process.
  • We will create a positive learning environment that protects students from discrimination, harassment, and other inappropriate behaviours.
  • We will foster an inclusive and flexible learning environment that works to meet the specific needs of students.
  • We will provide students with access to appropriate support services.

Creating a Respectful Environment

Equal Access to Admissions:

ACIT & IFTV provides equal access to student admissions.

We will ensure that:

1. Admission processes are free from discrimination;
2. Entry into ACIT & IFTV is determined by meeting published course entry requirements and pre-requisites; and
3. Access and equity issues are considered when setting course entry requirements and pre-requisites.


Addressing Discrimination and Harassment:

Discrimination and harassment are forms of major misconduct and will be managed under the Student Misconduct process.

Instances of discrimination and harassment may also be unlawful behaviour under Queensland or Australian law, and may result in further action being taken.


Fostering an Inclusive and Flexible Learning Environment

You may be eligible to receive some of the following academic and learning support services, based on your requirements and the capability of ACIT & IFTV, including:

1. Reasonable adjustment: Changes to accommodate the individual needs of students with illness, injury, impairment, or disability and enable them to participate in education and training;
2. Flexible learning: Flexible training and assessment options to maximise student participation; and
3. Academic and learning support: Additional academic and learning support (such as literacy and numeracy support).


Provision of Personal Support Services

If you need personal support for any issue impacting your education and training, we will endeavour to help you.

If you need to discuss any issue, you can talk to your teacher or your local Student Services/Customer Services area.


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