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General English Course with Business and Digital Media

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Course Overview

These courses are for international students and anyone from a non-English speaking background seeking intermediate to upper intermediate skills in English language. Learners will also improve general computer literacy and become more proficient in using computers and digital devices for professional and personal work. The course addresses the needs of a modern organisation where computers, digital devices, and online media are used to communicate, access information, create documents, and present information. This course is available to residents in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.


Conduct a simple survey and present results. Understand oral and written texts2 weeks40 hours
Use the Internet and Email1 weeks20 hours
Promote consumer products and services

Make a small group presentation

2 weeks40 hours
Use Digital Devices1 weeks20 hours
Apply for a job

Write a critical review

2 weeks40 hours
Word Processing with MS Word1 week20 hours
Participate in a discussion

Narrate a detailed story

2 weeks40 hours
Spreadsheets with MS Excel1 week20 hours
Use Intermediate English for communication

Write simple documents

2 weeks40 hours
Presentations with MS PowerPoint1 week20 hours
Comprehend oral texts with moderate complexity

Interpret written texts with moderate complexity

2 weeks40 hours
The Information Technology Workplace½ weeks10 hours
Contribute to a panel discussion with moderate complexity

Request and provide practical advice

2 weeks40 hours
Digital Technology Fundamentals½ weeks10 hours
Produce a comprehensive narrative

Make a speech

2 weeks40 hours
Use Application Software1 weeks20 hours
Make a formal complaint

Make a detailed presentation

2 weeks40 hours
Web and Social Media1 weeks20 hours
Conduct a survey and present results

Use Upper Intermediate English for communication

2 weeks40 hours
Total28 weeks560 hours


Level Beginner
Duration 28 weeks
Branch Gold Coast
Seats Available 30
Domestic Fees $4200
International Fees $4200
Price $4,200.00

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