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Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology: Social Media Marketing

Course Overview

This dynamic digital & social media marketing course will get you on your way to learning the real world, hands-on skills and know-how of digital content marketing.

Learn from industry experts the tools and technologies that power todays digital economy and that will power you right into your next career opportunity.

Students will learn how to design graphics for digital marketing, build and modify web pages, and optimise computer systems for a modern digital office.

The course covers the latest best practice approaches to digital media marketing used by industry professionals today.

This course is delivered through online learning and face-to -face instructor led hands-on workshops. Students will gain valuable experience in using current industry software to create their own high-quality videos, banners and web pages and learn how use them to engage a target audience through popular social media platforms.



In ‘Social Media Marketing’ you will learn essential concepts and best-practice workflow for engaging and managing audiences using the latest industry software and social media platforms.

Over the twelve weeks, you will learn how to craft a purposeful and engaging marketing message, based on the habits of a specific demographic, and choose the most effective platforms with which to reach them.

You will apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to devising a social media marketing campaign for a business of your choice. You will then use your creative skills, and the latest technology, to produce a suite of digital marketing materials that are strategically designed to attract and motivate your target audience.

In ‘Creating Websites’ you will develop fundamental skills in web design and development that will enable you to conceive, build and style your own unique, targeted webpages.

Through extensive use of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, you will learn the correct industry practices for creating new websites by both writing and editing HTML and CSS and developing your abilities in producing clean and accessible code that meets industry standards.

Over the six weeks, you will spend time initially building your coding skills, before undertaking a real-world challenge in which you will learn how to modify an existing website to meet the requirements and specifications of a client brief.  You will then apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired to planning, designing, and building your own website.

In ‘Graphic Design for Screen’ you will learn how designers use elements such as line, shape, form, texture, and balance in visual design projects, and develop your skills in selecting and using typography, colour and composition to create effective and purposeful screen graphics.

Over six weeks, you will spend time exploring how Adobe Photoshop is used for image editing and manipulation and learn real-world design techniques by working on graphic design projects. You will also be introduced to how Photoshop can be used in video editing and production as a powerful image enhancement and colour grading tool.

You will then apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in a real-world context by creating a range of screen graphics that are commonly used in websites, social media marketing and e-commerce including still image, animated and interactive banner ads.

In ‘Introduction to Computer Operating systems’ you will learn the essential skills for setting- up and controlling your computer hardware in a way that works best for you in your business practice.

You will explore the most-effective ways to install and optimise your operating system in addition to preparing for errors by scheduling and performing diagnostic tests. Furthermore, you will look at effective ways to document communication to users of the hardware.

In ‘WHS in Digital Industries’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you will require to participate in workplace health and safety (WHS) communication and consultation processes, including communicating WHS information to others.

You will analyse WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice, policies and procedures, and learn how to take appropriate actions to remove barriers to communication and consultation processes, and support others to raise relevant WHS issues in meetings and follow up on outcomes.

Studying ‘WHS in Digital Industries’ is a course requirement, mandated by the Australian Government, for the purpose of achieving safe working environments for all Australian workers.

In ‘Sustainability in Digital Industries’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you will require to identify and analyse an organisation’s procedures, practices and compliance requirements in relation to environmental and resource sustainability.

You will learn how to apply change management techniques as you effectively consult and communicate with relevant stakeholders in the development and implementation of sustainability improvements that will improve an organisation’s performance and reduce its environmental impact.

Studying ‘Sustainability in Digital Industries’ is a course requirement, mandated by the Australian Government, for the purpose of achieving environmentally friendly and sustainable work practices in Australian businesses.

Level Intermediate
Course Duration: 42 Weeks Study Period: 30 Weeks Holidays: 12 Weeks
Branch Gold Coast
Seats Available 30
Domestic Fees $3500
International Fees $5500
Price $5,500.00

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