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Certificate III Information, Digital Media & Technology: Video Production

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short courses gold coast

Course Overview

The Certificate III in Digital Media Technologies (Video Production) is for anyone seeking a successful career as a Digital Media Producer, Assistant Producer or Graphic Designer.
The 30 weeks course provides students with the knowledge and skills in graphic design, digital video, social media and interactive multimedia technologies as well as the Introduction the Windows 8 client.. The focus of this course is creating digital video and multimedia resource content with social media in mind.

The training is delivered via a number of high quality online learning environments including video and interactive audiovisual environments. The ACIT online learning portal provides the logical and sequential structure of the course. Students are given access to the learning portal which also provides the means to interact with their trainer, submit work, and receive feedback. Students are awarded the qualification on successful completion of the assessment activities and demonstration of competence in the workplace.



This subject provides students with an opportunity to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to service computer.
Upon completion of this subject, students should be able to:

  • Identify all the parts of a PC
  • Install Software of various sources
  • Identify and troubleshoot common PC hardware problems
  • Select quality PCs and constituent components based on performance and cost
  • Install, replace, and upgrade PC Software components
  • Install and configure commonly used PC operating systems

This subject teaches the skills and knowledge required to:

  • participate in workplace occupational health and safety (OHS) consultative processes
  • analyze the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices
  • implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness

Topics include:

  • Establishing consultative processes
  • Obtaining and providing information about OHS issues
  • Raising OHS issues with others
  • Investigating current practices in relation to resource usage
  • Setting targets for improvements
  • Implementing performance improvement strategies

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This subject introduces the fundamentals of Photoshop and Illustrator teaching a broad spectrum of core skills that are common to many creative fields: working with layers and selections; adjusting, manipulating, and retouching photos; painting; adding text; automating; preparing files for output; and more. This subject demonstrates established techniques as well as those made possible by some of the new features unique to Photoshop and Illustrator. The subject will allow students to create work at closely represent current work developed in the surfing industry.

  • Learning and customizing the interface and workspace
  • Utilizing various manual and guided selection techniques
  • Working with Adobe Camera Raw
  • Adding special effects with layer styles and Smart Filters
  • Creating Photomerge panoramas
  • Optimizing photos for the web and creating web galleries


This Subject covers the Premiere Pro workflow from a high level, providing a background on how projects go from start to finish before diving into basic clip adjustments, such as color correcting scenes for more dramatic impact, applying transitions effectively, and slowing down and speeding up clip playback. The course includes creative techniques, such as making titles and removing a green screen background from a shot. The subject concentrates on how to capture images using the latest digital capture equipment to maximum effect taking into account different challenges arising for a cinematographer.

  • Adding footage to the Timeline
  • Creating dynamically linked content
  • Making overlay and insert edits
  • Moving edit points
  • Playing a clip backwards
  • Understanding pixel aspect ratio and frame rate
  • Applying motion effects
  • Cutting video to music
  • Compositing with green screen and blend modes
  • Correcting color
  • Creating titles and lower thirds
  • Exporting sequences

This subject teaches fundamentals motion graphics and design techniques in the industry from the ground up. Showing how to gather video, audio, and graphical source materials into layered compositions, make edits and adjustments, and then bring it all to life with a powerful array of visual effects and animation techniques. These skills are demonstrated in a series of increasingly intricate projects. At the end of the program you will be able to utilise the skills in creating visual enhancing visual effective footage.

  • Importing assets with Bridge
  • Blending layers in a composition
  • Animating static images with the Puppet tool
  • Colour-correcting video footage
  • Animating in 3D
  • Stabilizing shaky footage
  • Nesting and precomposing
  • Creating visual effects from scratch
  • Exporting to video and other media

This subject introduces the student to world wide phenomenon that is YouTube where hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded every day. In this subject the student explores all the key concepts and techniques necessary to thrive on the site, including viewing, uploading, sharing, and tracking videos. The subject covers building an account, sharing with social networks, and the fundamentals of shooting and editing film for a YouTube audience, namely surfing enthusiasts, as well as tips for creating a brand, removing compression artifacts, and analysing video performance.

  • Searching and viewing videos
  • Creating an account and uploading videos
  • Exporting and compressing
  • Embedding content
  • Creating a customized video channel
  • Authoring a video blog
  • Sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks
  • Tracking views, audience demographics, and viewership interest
  • Replacing audio content with Audio Swap tracks
  • Including closed captions and custom annotations

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Level Intermediate
Course Duration: 42 Weeks Study Period: 30 Weeks Holidays: 12 Weeks
Branch Gold Coast
Seats Available 30
Domestic Fees $3500
International Fees $5700
Price $5,700.00

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