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Diploma of Marketing and Communication (Digital Marketing)

Course Overview

In this dynamic, industry-focused course, you will learn the latest real-world digital marketing strategies and techniques used by digital agencies and innovative businesses to engage an online audience.

You will learn how to interpret a creative brief, identify and define a target audience, evaluate online marketing strategies and develop an integrated marketing communication plan. You will then gain experience in using the latest digital marketing tools and technologies as you learn how to successfully implement complex digital campaigns that deliver on strategic business objectives.

This course is delivered through a powerful online learning platform and face-to-face instructor led hands-on workshops, using a range of rich learning resources and real-world scenarios that will prepare you to hit the ground running in your new career in the digital marketing industry.


Course Subjects

In ‘Digital Marketing Research and Strategy’ you will design an online marketing strategy for a business by analysing the performance of existing and potential competitors within an industry and developing a range of integrated marketing materials for a defined target audience.

Over six weeks you will develop your skills and knowledge in a real-world context as you:

• Explore the principles of consumer behaviour and analyse the media consumption habits of specific audiences to determine the potential success of a range of marketing strategies.
• Evaluate a range of potential marketing communication styles against the brand character of a product or service.
• Use statistical techniques to analyse and interpret data and prepare high impact data visualisations for presentation within a marketing communications plan.
• Design and develop a series of creative briefs for a product or service that reflect the marketing strategy of a business and appeal to the unique characteristics of a target audience.

In ‘eCommerce Marketing Communications’ you will design and develop a strategy for launching an innovative e-commerce business within a real-world context using a range of digital marketing and communication strategies.

Over six weeks, you will develop practical e-business skills and knowledge as you learn how to:

• Analyse and evaluate e-business models and strategies for marketing, buying and selling goods and services online.
• Design an e-commerce strategy for a business by identifying opportunities in a market and determining the cost and revenue potential of your solution.
• Evaluate a website’s design, according to its e-commerce strategy, and implement changes to ensure the design effectively communicates the features and benefits of its products or services.
• Research, prepare and implement an e-marketing communications strategy for a business that integrates email and website marketing and reflects the strategy, goals and values of the business.

In ‘Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you require to optimise a website for search engines and design a complex and targeted search engine marketing campaign.

Over six weeks, you will explore the latest industry tools and technologies in a real-world context as you learn how to:

• Determine search terms being used by current and prospective customers and develop a strategy to improve a website’s position in organic search results using appropriate ‘white hat’ techniques.
• Implement strategies to enhance a website’s design, tags, links and metadata and apply site code to maximise the search effectiveness of a website.
• Regularly review the performance of a website’s search engine visibility and track its page rank using a web analytics service.
• Analyse and document the search engine behaviour of a target audience and evaluate the costs and likely benefits associated with implementing a paid search engine marketing campaign.
• Identify, plan and implement a strategy to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign against its strategic objectives, budget, and timeline using a range of metrics.

In ‘Designing Digital Experiences with Mobile’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you require to design, develop and run an innovative marketing campaign using mobile GPS technologies to target customers in the vicinity of a local business.

Over six weeks, you will explore the latest industry tools and technologies in a real-world context as you learn how to:

  • Use project management tools to develop a project plan that provides a solution to a real-world business challenge, defining the parameters of the project including its deliverables, budget, timeline and outcomes.
  • Design a series of effective and innovative digital marketing interactions with individual users.
  • Prepare and review site maps, wireframes and storyboards of user journeys across the relevant technologies and platforms.
  • Create an actual prototype or virtualised test environment with consistent and intuitive user experience design and establish systems and processes to collect data on your customers.

In ‘Creative Display Advertising’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you require to write creative copy and design effective advertisements as you implement a complex online advertising campaign designed to reach a target audience.

Over six weeks, you will explore the latest industry tools and technologies in a real-world context as you learn how to:

  • Interpret a creative brief to create original copy and an impactful design aesthetic that effectively communicates the features and benefits of a product or service to a specific target audience.
  • Create a series of targeted advertisements that you have custom designed to meet the technical specifications of multiple digital platforms and devices.
  • Explore a range of real-time, demand-side digital advertisement server providers and assess their capabilities in reaching a target audience.
  • Evaluate and set boundaries for involvement in real-time bidding markets and determine the most effective budgets and time limits to enable you to run a successful online advertising campaign.
  • Monitor the reach and response rates for your advertisements as you monitor real-time server metrics and adjust your campaign to address changing circumstances.

In ‘Social Media Community Management’ you will develop the skills and knowledge you require to devise and implement a complex public relations campaign and successfully engage and interact with a target audience on social media platforms.

Over six weeks, you will explore the latest industry tools and technologies in a real-world context as you learn how to:

  • Identify and specify the characteristics of a target audience, research their online habits and model their typical online journey.
  • Identify the primary objective of a public relations campaign and prepare the messages and strategies, schedule, and budget for a campaign.
  • Engage with an audience on social media platforms by offering personalised responses to questions, comments and reactions, and develop content that maintains a consistent message.
  • Use online platforms to schedule the release of content on social media and measure it’s reach and impact with its target audience using analytics software.
  • Set measurable metrics to determine the success of a public relations campaign against its objectives.

Level Intermediate
Duration Study Weeks: 36
Holidays: 14
Total Weeks: 50
Branch Gold Coast
Seats Available 25

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